Monday, 23 February 2015

Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons needs no introductions: co-author of the seminal WATCHMEN and frequent collaborator of Northampton's scribe Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons is on of the most complete artists working in mainstream comics: penciller, inker, writer letterer, you name it.
His graphic style is a perfect blend of the american and european traditions.

I do not love his style viscerally as I do with other artists, but on some stories it just works perfectly.

There is undoubtly a staggering level of craft and we can all learn from his details and uncompromising technique.

He's also one of the most articulated people working in the field, no it is no surprise that this conversation with Bleeding Cool's Chris Thompson is very enjoyable to listen.

Of course, the reason for him to be interviewed at this particular time is the release of a movie based on a graphic novel he worked on (Kingsman - The Secret Service), so there you have it again: comics getting second-rated by movies.

But still...

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