Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Todd Klein

If you are looking for a quality, frequently updated, one-stop blog about comics, you can easily go to Todd Klein's.

Klein is probabily the most awarded letterer in the comic book industry, and deservedly so.

While lettering has often been seen as a painstaking and inherently rewardless job (not to mention labor-intensive), Klein managed to make it in to an art form.

To be fair, calligraphy is actually always been a respected craft thru history, but in comics it never had the opportunity to shine.

Publishers and editors tried at different times to revert to typographed lettering (I'm not sure that's the way you call it, but forgive me while I look for the correct word to use), but it never stuck. It seems comics can only accept hand-made lettering (or at least a computer lettering that looks like it has been designed by hand)

Thanks to a number of titles that required (or at least allowed) the letterer to be creative, Todd Klein specialized in creating unique fonts and modes for a number of characters and since became the letterer of choice for many prestige books.

But it is unfair to label Kelin simply as a letterer, he is one of the few people in comics who can actually do anything: writing, drawing, logo design, inking, coloring, editing...

The blog is more about his reads, his travels and also his job, but it is but a section of his Website, which includes essays and documents on how he does his stuff.

The article linked here is a very interesting account of how American comics used to get colored.

A very instructive read.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Carlos Trillo

 Great Blog dedicated to the prolific Carlos Trillo.

The blog is full of scans from Trillo & Zaffino stories realized for the Italian Markt, which are a delight.

Here's an example (follow the link)

This is the link to the Spanish language Wikipedia page about Trillo (definetly more satisfying and complete than its counterpart in English)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Galerij Van Blerck

Random snapahots taken while setting up the "Studio Vitalski Exposeert" exhibit.

I wasn't there for the opening or any of the followong days due to a nasty flu, so these photos were forgotten for a while on my mobile...