Monday, 2 November 2015

And I'm finally back... again!

Sorry folks (folks?! ahahaha!!)
Sorry casual reader for letting you down... hey, maybe tha'ts why it's called Down the Guts. HA!

Anyway, my original intention to dedicate my blog to comics or at most animation really limit the range of stuff I can share, so I'm going to include random finds here as well.

I'll try to keep it about various forms of storytelling anyway (meaning I'll be talking about movies), in spite of my actual disgust with this current shapeless amalgama that goes under the name of "geek culture" or even worse "pop culture".

It's not that I cosider TV or movies as opposed to comics, but I kind of miss the times when liking comics was something a lot o f people kept closeted.

No, it's not that either.

It's just that I hate seeing a lot of people juming on the band wagon.

Going to Lucca Comics has become something of an obligation for anyone who got something to sell, regardless of its pertainance with comics. I mean, I ADORE for instance, I really think it's one of the best places on the web, but how does that blog has anything to do with Lucca Comics?

My brother put that brilliantly some time ago: "When I was young, there wasn't all this p***y around Star Wars".

I'm really having a hard time adapting to this trend (don't get me started about San Diego)

I guess it has something to do with what the GRAT ALAN MOORE says here:

That said. enjoy this videos about Steven Speilberg's DUEL.