Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fun with invitation cards...

Almost at the last useful minute I was able to make an invitation card for the birthday party of my soon-to-be-6-years-old son.

It was hard to settle what the "theme" of the party was going to be.
As a kid in a candy store, he wanted to have it all.
At first he choose "magic tricks", but then he preferred "arts and crafts", then Star Wars...

I soon learned you should not involve a not-6-yet kid in any open-choice decision making process.

Ultimately I decided to poke a little fun at him, and the card involves exactly his indecision about it.

(he took it well, I must say. For a kid he can be self-deprecating at times. I'll give him that)

I screwed it up anyway. The lay out is a bit off, and I should have placed the balloons better to guide the eye. Its not quite clear which panels/balloons you should read first.

But it was fun to do and I'm enjoying this loose cartoony style recently. It's not as solid as I want it to be, I guess I need more practice...

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


A very long time since my last post.
Very little to post, actually...

Here's some stuff I've been doing lately.

The upside down Spiday is just something I wanted to do for fun, and it's sahmelessly ripped off a wonderful Michael Lark variant cover (which I cannot link right now... to bad)

The second is instead an attempt to draw Spider-Man in a "spider-man-esque" pose without ripping it off.

These come from a work in the making... sort of.
I'm keeping this under wraps for the time being...
colors by Shanna Paulissen