Monday, 16 February 2015

The WIRE fan art

Just received the pre-press proof of my next book. and it looks like the link to this blog will be put in print.

Not that I expect an increase in traffic to this page, but keeping it up-to-date maybe isn't such a bad idea...

Unfortunately not much to post in terms of comics/animation-related content, so I've decided to share this work in progress.

If you have read some of my provious posts you know I really loved The Wire.

I feel kind of dual in regards to fan art. On one hand I find it a form of masturbation. A way to rub one's self into comforting and familiar feelings.

On the other hand I can't deny that some works greatly inspire our imagination and provide an entrance in to the realm of creativity.

As much as I have outgrown my passion for Star Wars or the superhero genre, I totally understand that some imaginary worlds and its inhabitants are simply too good and full of potential to be left alone.

And anyway, having a shot at portraying our favorite fictional characters is a way to exercise and train our skills, and that's always good.

So, here's a little rough for an upcoming pin-up of LT. DANIELS from David Simon and Ed Burns's The Wire.
I hope to finish this one soon...

Plus, soem sketches done using other characters as references (they don't look like much, gotta say)...

to conclude: online you can find a lot of Wire Fan art just by googling. Only a few honorable mentions for the following

Prezbo, Frank, Rhonda and Kima and by Greg Smallwood:

And two  nice caartoonish rendition of some characters by Paul Sizer and an unknown artis (respectively)

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