Monday, 6 July 2009

A new beginning

From Down the Guts

I hope this can be the first of a long series of short posts.
The idea would be to post one every day.

Did you ever feel like the world is full of possibilities that you do not even know where to start.
Your mind fills up with ideas in just a few seconds (Oh, I could do this, no, wait, I could do that, and that that, and.. oh my, I may do that as well, and once that is done...) but you end up doing nothing. Not even writing down your ideas.

Sigà sigà, so I have read, is Greek for "slowly, slowly" but may also mean "slowly but constantly" or "slowly but consistently".

That should be my mantra.

Once a day. No more, no less.

I'd like also to start some experiments with raw animation.
As soon as I have a couple of seconds of i'll let you see.
I'm doing the very irst frame as I'm done writing this.

Oh, the drawing is just a doodle I've drawn while in vacation.
The white man is supposed to be counting bills in the mwiseguys fashion.
These are waem ups for one of the upcoming projects.

Oh, about Zaffino agan.
All this time full scans of some of his work have been under my nose but I did not notice it at

I have now all "The Horned God" story. And I'm convinved I could discard my choice of using Serpieri's style on the other project in favor of Zaffino's.

This would help me focusing on one stile and one only.
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