Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Beware the gorilla!

There it is.
Already missed yesterday appointment...

Here are a couple of sketches made after my close encounter with a gorilla (at the zoo)
This big ape was fun to watch.
He sit a couple of feet from the separation glass, and It was hard to tell if we were watching him or the other way around.

I crouched to be at his level and showed him my palms. I know nothing about primates (homo sapiens included), but I thought this may show him I was no threat (though I'm pretty sure he was aware that the visitors couldn't step in to his cage).

Once I have engaged his look, I've took a lot of pictures and I made this two sketches aftewards.

I like this second one a lot more, even if less refined.

Oh, on another note: take a look to the amazing new art from Lou Romano.

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