Monday, 8 February 2016

Season Greetings

Another card, this time for new Christmas and New Year.
since my daughter Mina is a massive Frozen enthusiast, we decided to use it as a theme for this card we sent to family and friends.

Personally I barely stand this movie, abut I kind of get why it seems to be popular among kids and adults alike.

I had some fun with the style for this one. I'm not over Sarah Ogilvie yet, and I did not want to go full Disney.
I'm kind of pleased with the result.

I had some hard time with the coloring of the line art (which has been done separately from the rest).

I finally opted to use a cheap Photoshop filter (posterize, I believe) for the printed version, to boost the contours, fearing otherwise that they would get muddled up with the colors.

Here's the two versions...

For Sara Ogilvie, look also here and here.

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