Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Will Eisner

Recently visited the Will Eisner exhibit at the BSC in Brussels.

My companion during the visit was the always nice Steven De Rie, who was told by some fellow cartoonist that the exhib was not all that great, also because it consisted of pages coming from a single private collection.

Well, I do not know what kind of show this other cartoonist expected, but the exhibit was really well done.
Ok, there was a relatively little gallery of "Spirit" pages, only a handful of splash-pages but there was a rather large and diverse selection form the master's later works such as dropsie Avenue, the name of the game, A contrazct with God not to mention practically the complete "The Dreamer", which has very special place in my heart.

The pieces exposed were accompanied by large panels of commentaries from the curators and some printed magazines froma lla over the world.

If any criticism can be made about the exhibition is the scarcity of prep material such as sketches and/or scripts (it would have been interesting to see how the Spirit stories were plotted, scripted and then realized, especially beacuse the process involved other artists or writers).
Some more photographs may have helped too and it would have been great to have a screen or two playing excerpts from the various Eisner docs that DO exist.

Anyway, this should not be missed by any comic book lover who has the chance to visit Brussels or its surroundings.

The exhibition lasts until March the 2nd 2014. Entrance fee is 8 euros, but it buys the access to the Whole museum (which is always worth the price)

PS: very very very nice chit-chat with Steven De Rie after the visit about all things comics. 

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